Terri Levine

TERRI LEVINE RESUME OF FAILURES I define failure as making a mistake and then not learning from it and repeating it over and over again. Biggest Mistakes Made  When I first started in my coaching/consulting business I invited in a business partner.  I soon realized that when it came to decision making I wanted to be in control and

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Selling Your Way Out of Bankruptcy and the “Yes, IF” Philosophy

Selling Your Way Out of Bankruptcy and the "YES, IF" Philosophy “There’s no problem more sales won’t fix!” – Mark Haney Mark Haney (@HaneyBiz) is a self professed “C’ student, serial entrepreneur and the host of the Rocklin based radio show Entrepreneurs Unlimited. Mark has founded or co-founded over 20 successful businesses that include ventures in

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From 14 Years Of Not Being Able To Pay Himself A Salary, To Becoming #1

From 14 Years of Not Being Able To Pay Himself A Salary, To Becoming #1 “There is really a lot you don’t know, so be open other people, listen, ask questions and learn.” – Ken Endelman Ken Endelman is the CEO and founder of Balanced Body, the world’s largest resource for Pilates equipment and education. In

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Ken Endelmen: Resume of Failures

Ken Endelman Resume of Failures School Career Ken Endelman was an industrial arts major who had the privilege of attending two different high schools upon the recommendation of the Boys Vice Principle of the first school. He had a 4.0 average in all his Auto shop and print shop classes. His superior auto shop skills were able to be

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