Having A Panic Attack Mid Presentation & The 3 Steps To Overcoming Anxiety

“Wealth is beyond the financial.” – Seth Streeter

Seth Streeter (@redefine_wealth) is the CEO and co-founder of Mission Wealth, a leading wealth management company that specializes in comprehensive financial planning and investment advisory services for high-net- worth clients across the country.

Seth has been featured in many national publications including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Money Magazine, and Investment News. In 2008, he was ranked by Worth magazine as one of the nation’s top wealth managers.

Seth is a thought-leader in the area of conscious financial planning, helping people re-frame their perspective of wealth beyond just the financial, so that they can enjoy more balanced, impactful, and fulfilling lives. Seth was recognized by Real Leaders magazine in 2015 as one of the Top 100 visionary leaders who strive to create a better world. You can watch his 2016 TEDx talk here.

Seth was the 2014-2015 Global Chair of the Financial Services Network for the Young President’s Organization (YPO) with over 2,000 CEO members. He is active with Social Venture Partners, where he served as the founding Chief Energy Officer and judge for the successful non-profit venture-competition, Fast Pitch SB.

Seth resides in Santa Barbara with his two children. He remains active with fitness, challenges, volunteer, and personal growth activities. He enjoys exotic adventure travel, eating chocolate chip cookies, connecting with fascinating people, and playing with his kids and friends.

Below are some highlights:

4:15 The Closest You’ve Ever Gotten To Quitting

7:00 Accepting The Symmetry Of A Situation

11:30 Operating From Love Instead of For Love

12:50 The Power Of Vulnerability

14:40 Showing Up To Give A Presentation In Spanish Without Speaking Spanish

20:00 People All Over The Country Need Help

34:20 Panic Attack While Giving A Presentation To A National Partner

38:48 Come To Jesus Moment

40:30 Seth’s 3 Step Process To Overcoming Anxiety

42:45 Hiring Too Quickly and Firing Too Slowly

44:10 Pleasing Vs Serving

45:49 The Red Thread

47:40 Operating From A Place of Wonder

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Bonus Content

As you may already know, every guest on our show completes and submits a “Resume of Failures”. You can find Seth’s here.


Check out Seth’s article From Severe Public Speaking Anxiety to Giving a Tedx Talk, detailing his journey overcoming the panic attack he had during his presentation.

You can also check out Seth’s 10 Dimensions of Wealth Assessment below!

Mission Wealth can help you redefine your definition of wealth, so that you can redefine your life. We believe that wealth is a lot more than just numbers on a balance sheet, it encompasses 10 dimensions: Impact, Emotional, Social, Run, Physical, Spiritual, Intellectual, Career, Family, and Financial. Our 10 Dimensions of Wealth assessment can help you learn more about your wealth satisfaction levels. You may be wealthier than you ever imagined!

How to take the Assessment:

Refer to the wealth wheel and reflect on the following:

  1. Rate each category by your current level of satisfaction as high, neutral, or low.
  2. From these categories, what are your three areas of greatest wealth?
  3. From these categories, what are the two areas that need the most improvement?

These ratings provide an assessment of how fulfilled you feel in each dimension of your life. Think about your assessment and where you feel the most fulfilled and where you could deploy more energy.


Beyond every major success, you’ll find countless missed attempts, oversights and mistakes.  What matters most, is how YOU choose to respond to it!

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“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” ~Winston Churchill
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“I failed my way to success.” ~Thomas Edison
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